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What is EMTS?
The regular paper based money order service of the post office seemed a time consuming, expensive and inefficient approach of remit money to any part of the country. There was a demand for quick transfer of money to locations where the beneficiary can collect and use it instantly. With this perspective in view, Bangladesh Post launched a new money order service named Electronic Money Transfer Service (EMTS), commonly known as Mobile Money Order Service. This fulfilled the expectations of people to remit the desired amount of money to their near and dear ones so as to utilize when they need. This is mobile as well as web based remittance service available in all important post offices of the country. The sender can send the money within a minute and recipient/beneficiary can collect it instantly. Both sender and recipient get confirmation of the remittance and disbursement as soon as it is made in their mobile phones.

Area Coverage :
This service is available in all important post offices of the country. Presently 2750 post offices provide the EMTS which is covering all district, upazilla/thana and important/busy rural post office locations. Every month hundreds of post officials are being trained and the service is expanded to those locations.

EMTS Tools/Devices:
Bangladesh Post maintains a server and call center to monitor and support the service. All Electronic Money Transfer Service locations (post offices) are equipped with computer, internet connectivity and/or mobile phones which are used to send the issue or payment request to the server.

Procedure: The sender goes to the post office and fills up an issue form (EMO -1) giving required information like sender name, address, mobile phone number, recipient's name, address mobile phone number, amount of money to be sent etc. The post office staff sends the information to the central server through the computer or official EMTS mobile phone. When the request is accepted and confirmed by the server through issuing SMS generating a 16 digit unique PIN to senders mobile phone and a separate confirmation message is sent to issuing post office. The sender shall inform the recipient to collect the money from his/her nearest post office. The recipient goes to the post office and again fill up the disburse form (EMO-2) and claim the money showing the PIN. The post office counter operator verifies the information given by the recipient from server with those used earlier by sender; if everything is match the disbursement procedure is made. As soon as the disbursement is completed the sender is again confirmed by another SMS generated by the server.

1.Remittance in a minute
2.User Friendly- adoption of mobile phones & applications
3.Maximum Area coverage: Locations distributed throughout the country
(presently 2750 POs), to be expanded to all Post Office locations
4.Transaction security ensured by a 16 digit auto PIN generation mechanism
5.Independent of Mobile Operator-customer enjoying mobile operator's service can use this service.
6.EMTS devices not specific to power sources like electricity -have freedom of using any Source of Power (electricity, battery, solar charger)
7.Ensure customer satisfaction- Daylong well acquainted Help Desk Service
8.Optional Corporate Services:
a)One 2 Many transactions-Option for Salary Disbursement
b)Many 2 One Transactions- Option for collection of tution/Admission fees from students
9.Location Independent Disbursement
10.Widely used Network Partner- Banglalink Mobile Operator
11.Database Management and Security-VPN Connectivity
12.Scope to add new value added service and future expansion

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